Needle Valves

The NVS6000 High Pressure Needle Valve incorporates state-of-the-art technology, in a simple but rugged design which can be advantageously used for most high pressure and high temperature liquid gas systems. Typical applications are in Steam / Water / Gas Sampling systems. High Pressure Test Rigs for testing critical components for the Nuclear / Space industry and Hydraulic Systems.

Salient features of design and operation:

  • Forged body with integral stuffing box eliminates bonnet gasket joint which is the main source of leakage. The external bonnet serves only for support.

  • Unique non-rotating spindle / plug design. Non-rotation of valve spindle is achieved by a two piece spindle joined by a rugged differential mechanism. this design guarantees long seat life as grinding between plug and seat is prevented. Packing life is also extended due to lower friction in the stuffing box.

  • The spindle thread does not come in contact with the medium. The rotating parts can be adequately lubricated to prevent thread seizure.

  • Preformed, pure graphite packing rings and roller burnished spindle face ensure excellent stuffing box tightness under extreme pressures / temperatures.

  • Easy on-line disassembly is possible.


  • For Shut-off and throttling applications in High Pressure Liquid and Gas Systems.

  • Type - NVS6000

  • Pressure Rating - ASME B16.11 Class 6000 SW and Threaded

  • Sizes - 3/8" and 1/2 NB

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